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If you’re looking for dates for your summer event calendar there is plenty going on in Alabama over the next few weeks. With everything from family fun events, music festivals and celebrations of Native American life you’ll find you’re double booked some days! If the arts are your thing, or you’re into crafts and collectable items, there’s something special for you on July 27th – and that’s just a few days away so you need to move quickly if you don’t want to miss it!

The event is the Chilton County Arts Festival, and it’s a great day out if you like to look at and buy unusual quirky arts and crafts, some made locally and truly original. With stallholders selling one of a kind unique items across a variety of different types, you’ll certainly find something here that is attractive to you.

Vendors will be offering everything from woodworks to paper crafted items, plus gourds, original pottery and glass, and art of all kinds – all original, and all for you to buy from the people who created it. It’s a great event, one that all the family can enjoy, and it’s easy to get to.

Where to Go

Chilton County Arts Festival takes place inside a cool, air-conditioned hall that is the exhibition hall of the Clanton Performing Arts Center. With 13,000 square feet of exhibition space, you’ll find that there are many vendors of interest to your particular taste. The Center is located on the Clanton Campus of Jefferson State University, making it easy to find and offering plenty of parking space.

This annual event attracts vendors and viewers from all over Alabama and the surrounding area, and is the ideal place to add to your art collection or to start a new one! Vendors will be more than happy to talk to you about the products they are offering, and it’s an excellent opportunity to pick up quality, unique gifts for friends and family, too.

Free Entry

What is very attractive about the Chilton County Arts Festival is that entrance to the hall is free. This will be very welcome to moms and dads who have to pay for the kids to go everywhere! If you want to buy original paintings you’ll find there are artists on hand with a variety of styles to offer, and the sheer choice of different product is bewildering.

You’ll also find jewellery vendors, too, and there’s nothing more original than hand-crafted, unique jewellery that will remain special throughout its life, and you can take a break from examining everything on offer and enjoy refreshments too.

If you’re inspired by what you see, it’s worth knowing that Chilton County Arts Council – the organisers of the Festival – offer a wide range of classes in various areas of arts and crafts, so you might want to get in touch and have a go and who knows, you could be selling your hand-crafted, unique art next year! Check it out, it’s a great place to spend a few hours – and it’s free!