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For anyone interested in the history of the Native American people, or simply looking for a fun, exciting and informative day out, the Moundville Native American Festival is an even that cannot be missed. No in its 31st year, and as vibrant, original and amazing as ever, this is a celebration of all things to do with the ancestral tribes of America, and there is something for everyone to see, hear and enjoy.

For the younger members of the family, the chance to get up close to Native American people who will tell tales of days gone by is a great thrill – as it is for adults too – and the entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes, and will be enjoyed by everyone. The Moundville Archaeological Park, in which the event is held, is one of the most important historical sites in the region – and indeed in the USA – which adds to the interest and intrigue.

About Moundville AL

The Park is the site of what was once a large settlement, where prehistoric man chose to live, and where large mounds were built for ceremonial purposes. These can be seen from the park, and while you are visiting the Native American Festival, you can also take a look at the fascinating museum which charts the history of the site, and holds examples of relics that have been found locally.

The Festival itself will feature storytelling by ‘Living History’ teachers who are dedicated to keeping the traditions and tales of the Native American alive. There will be exhibits on all areas of the lives of the people who came before us, including the one the children love best: a chance to examine and try out some of the ancient weapons that the Native American tribes invented and used!

As well as these exhibits, demonstrations of native dancing and music, colourful dress and traditional costumes, will also take place across the four days of the Festival, so it pays to plan your time carefully. In addition to standard Festival food such as hamburgers, hotdogs and fries, the food court will be home to vendors selling traditional Native American food, so you can try some quite delicious alternative snacks while you enjoy the event.

Crafts and Handiwork

Demonstrators will enable you to try your hand at traditional pottery making or basket weaving – among many other crafts associated with the Native Indians – and you can listen to music form some of the greatest musicians of their kind. This is a Festival not to miss, and a certain date for your diary.

The Moundville Native American Festival is easy to reach – Moundville Archaeological Park is at 634 Mound State Parkway, Moundville, Alabama – and there is plenty of parking space for visitors. It’s advisable to book in advance as this is one of the most popular events of the summer months, and you can also get discounted group rates if you book early enough. Don’t miss this educational, exciting and hugely enjoyable event! Bring your family and friends, and experience a truly unique event. Come to the Moundville Native American Festival – you won’t be disappointed!

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