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Residential Window Glass Service

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Broken glass is both a safety hazard and an energy efficiency issue for your home. Let us make your windows like new again.

Home Glass Window Replacement Birmingham, Alabama

Oak Mountain Glass is a local window repair company.

Our technicians

have over 20 years of experience serving the greater Birmingham area.

  • Is your window cracked or broken?
  • Old and rotting?
  • Or maybe it’s a double pane collecting condensation on the inside and costing you money.

Either way, we can come out the same day and repair your residential window panes.

Foggy panes

can be a sign that your window has been damaged. This could lead to rot around the sash or sills of a wooden framed window. The experienced team at Oak Mountain Glass can assess the damage and advise you on the best course of action to repair or replace your existing windows or doors.

Additional Services


We can also assist with repair or replacement of your residential doors.

If your door has a damaged or missing glass pane, we can custom-cut at your location to repair your door right away. If the door or framing is the issue, Oak Mountain Glass is ready to help !

Additional services include

mirror repair, glass shower doors and we also install low E solar films for energy conscious homeowners.

Highly Rated Team:


“Timely and professional service. Always quality work. Thanks guys!”Mitchell Lagle

We’re a BBB Rated local contractor headquartered in Pelham, Alabama. We serve all of Jefferson and Shelby counties, so give us a call at (205) 624-4144 and

  we’ll schedule a free assessment of your windows and doors.