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Bathroom luxury shower doors installed or replaced. We can custom fit glass to any enclosure.

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Luxury Bathroom All-Glass Shower Doors Installation & Replacement Experts in Birmingham AL

Expert precision and craftsmanship goes into each and every custom glass shower door installation.


For over two decades, we’ve been working in the Birmingham area providing high-end custom glass work both to residential homes and commercial buildings.

Let us bring that experience and professionalism to your home and add a custom feature to complete your luxurious bathroom. We can cut and fit glass to any enclosure, and we even design all glass door handles and accents.

Homeowners who modernize their bathroom space see an average return of 50% on their investment. Upgrading to a custom shower enclosure will improve the functionality of your home and attract home buyers when you’re ready to move.

Glass options for custom shower enclosures include:

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Textured
  • Patterned
  • Beveled


Installing a Frameless Custom Shower Enclosure & Glass Door Experts in Birmingham AL

Wow Factor of a Frameless All-Glass Shower Door


Are you planning to add a new shower or updating your existing one? If so, you might want to take it to the next level of elegance by having a frameless, all-glass shower door installed.


All glass shower doors are becoming more and more popular to homeowners due to the fact that they can give a bathroom an elegant and luxurious look. What’s even better is if you take it to the next level and opt to use a frameless, all-glass shower door! But setting “aesthetics” aside, below are some more reasons why a frameless, all glass shower door might be perfect fit for your bathroom.


Frameless, All-Glass Shower Doors Create a More Open, Seamless, and Contemporary Space.


Residential Glass Work: Frameless All-glass Shower Enclosures for Bathroom Doors near me


As homeowners, we’re always looking for openness, fluidity, and flow when it comes to our bathrooms. By installing a frameless, all-glass door, you are keeping this openness, which helps bring together all the elements such as the decorative tiles, bath fixtures, and all other vanities inside. Traditional shower curtains or doors, on the other hand, work against the open feel since they tend to create a closed, defined space. Do you want to open your home up to be more inviting? A frameless, glass shower door is a wonderful place to start.


It’s Almost Invisible Appearance Can Transform Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious and Relaxing Space

Professional All-Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures Replacement and Installation Experts in Birmingham AL


A lot of homeowners are looking for that luxurious and relaxing feel of an upscale spa in their bathrooms, and boy have we found the answer. Trust us, because a frameless, all-glass shower door won’t disappoint when it comes to giving your bathroom that “Wow Factor”.


Frameless, All-Glass Shower Doors – Not Just For Looks


A door built to last completely sums up the frameless, all-glass shower enclosures we build at Oak Mountain Glass. With a standard thickness ranging from ⅜ to ½ inch, frameless, glass shower doors are sturdy, structurally sound and safe. All shower glass doors are also made of tempered glass, which is very hard to break or shatter. So, if going all-glass seems a little too risky for you, put your mind at ease knowing these are sturdy, premium glass.


Most common questions from homeowners when considering frameless, all-glass doors are safety since the edges aren’t protected by frame barriers. While we can understand why it might be a bit concerning, frameless, all-glass shower doors’ edges are filed down to be soft and smooth, thus removing the danger of being cut or otherwise hurt for anyone going in and out of your shower.


In addition, thanks to the seal-in technology used in all frameless, glass shower doors, they have watertight seals which makes leakage nearly impossible. These doors are not just stylish, they’re also very functional. Moreover, since there is little to no metal used in making frameless, glass shower doors, homeowners need not worry about dealing with corroded parts. Win, win, win!!!


It Makes Bathrooms Feel Larger and More Open


Frameless, All Glass Shower Doors & Custom Enclosures Replacement of Luxury Bathroom near me

Frameless, all-glass shower doors are completely made of glass, which means they don’t need frames to support their weight or slide on and they can operate universally by swinging open and shut on hinges. These doors are usually installed as part of a larger frameless, glass shower that may as well be invisible. And since most homeowners are trying to make their bathrooms feel larger and more open, a shower door that is seamless makes it easier for them to achieve this goal. If you’re going for a modern and sleek bathroom look, a frameless, all-glass is definitely the way to go.


Frameless, All-Glass Shower Doors Are Easy to Clean and Maintain


Installing a frameless, all-glass shower door in your bathroom isn’t just about appearance, It’s also a practical decision. Since frameless glass enclosures do not have the structural edge of aluminum framing, it is much easier to clean and restore due to its trackless design.


Frameless, All-Glass Shower Doors Can Be Designed to Fit Any Space

Frameless Glass:Bathroom And Shower Door Installation for Residential & Commercial in Birmingham, AL

Frameless, all-glass shower doors can be designed to fit any bathroom space, no matter the look you’re going for. If you aren’t a fan of the boxy look, you can opt for circular, triangular, or even oval frameless glass shower doors to fit your bathroom space while still creating the same elegant effect.

A Frameless, All-Glass Shower Door is Timeless

Our homes are probably one of our favorite places to be in the whole world, and for that reason, we often find ourselves wanting to live in it for as long as possible. So what is another terrific thing about a frameless, all-glass door? It’s beauty is timeless. Moreover, installing a frameless enclosure is a great way to grow old with your home because the entry can be leveled with the floor, creating easy access as you grow older and less mobile.


Increases the Appraisal Value


The value doesn’t stop there, either. Frameless, all-glass shower doors can be quite the investment. By increasing the appearance of your home including your bathroom, you are creating an impression that the property is well-taken cared of. Moreover, having an elegant looking bathroom and shower door to match is a major turn on to homebuyers, making it hard for them to resist a reasonable offer on your home.


Sounds like it’s time to install that frameless, all-glass shower door? One important thing to remember though, is to trust only a certified glass contractor like Oak Mountain Glass to ensure you get that glass shower door of yours installed professionally, as improper installation can be a pain later. Give us a call at (205) 624-4144 to schedule an in-home estimate.