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Premium Buffet Sneeze Glass Installers in Birmingham AL

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Premium Buffet Sneeze Glass

Are you in the restaurant business? Looking to give your dining room a certain modern, serving appeal?

Oak Mountain Glass brings to the table premium glass buffet sneeze guards in a multitude of different aesthetic builds.

We offer premium counter mounted, permanent, portable and suspended buffet sneeze guards that work for any look you choose when it comes to your kitchen, dining room, bar or restaurant setting. From elite event caterers to casual dining chains, Birmingham’s restaurant industry trusts the workmanship at Oak Mountain Glass for all their commercial glass needs.

Our glass experts know where quality matters and work to make sure all of our custom buffet sneeze guards are up to Oak Mountain Glass standards. Not easily satisfied, we use only the best glass for a modern and exceptionally clear finish because our clients deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their homes and businesses.

Why Do I Need a Sneeze Guard?

With so many customers coming in and out of your business every day, the chances of someone sneezing, coughing, or just sending harmful bacteria through the air towards your delicious food is higher than you think. That’s why Johnny Garneau, a famous restaurant owner in 1959 invented the sneeze guard for the famous buffet. Because just imagine: everyone leaning over the food, breathing and coughing and sneezing…flies flying around and landing on the mashed potatoes and gravy…all the rolls being subjected to a someone’s hair flying out after their swimming lesson…it’s not worth it. That’s why your business badly needs a sneeze guard. It’s been invented and now being distributed by the custom glass experts at Oak Mountain Glass. Why not make your restaurant a little more appealing and a lot more germ-free?

Easily protect your business, your customers and yourself from harmful bacteria with the help of a custom sneeze guard from Oak Mountain Glass.

Glass shower surround.

We work to provide custom cut and perfectly smooth buffet sneeze guards just for your business

because we had your needs in mind when we started putting this business and this particular product together. Long before we began to offer our services, we put thought and energy into ways we could help you with safety and design and found a way to combine the two in both modern and exceptionally aesthetically pleasing ways. And that’s why Oak Mountain glass is your go-to for all things glass. Because we keep you in mind all the way from design to production to installation.

If you’re looking for premier glass buffet sneeze guards, you’ve found your answer and a friend that will help you see the product installation through till the end and grant you all the help and information you need.

Call TODAY for more ways that Oak Mountain Glass can help YOU and YOUR business. We look forward to hearing from YOU!