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Renovating your home with glass stair railings can bring your home’s elegance to the next level. Its clean and modern feel will not only add class and luxury, but it also adds some resale value to your property too. However, if you think that the stunning aesthetic is the only thing that glass stair railings are all about, well, you’re wrong.


Glass stair railings are becoming the perfect choice for modern houses not just because of the beauty it gives, but for more compelling reasons you may not have thought of. Check them out below:



Being made from tempered glass panels that are securely attached to metal frames, glass stair railings are generally sturdy and safe. Hardwood rails contract and expand, but glass stair railings can keep its shape and quality for years. Lastly, glass railings can withstand extreme temperature shifts, as well as strong winds. They won’t easily shatter either. In case the panel does break, which is unlikely, the glass railings made of tempered glass, (a safety glass) would reduce to small pebbles, causing less hazard than regular glass would.

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Easy to clean and low maintenance

Metal frames and glass panels that make up glass stair railings are water/corrosion resistant. This makes cleaning very simple and effortless. A mixture of soap and water can remove any traces of dirt, dust, or stain and make your glass stair railings look new again. Moreover, unlike wooden fences, you need not worry about the yearly maintenance cost of stripping or staining, as glass stair railings don’t need them. 



Glass stair railing installation is relatively inexpensive, if installed correctly. It may sound high-end and luxurious, but it can cost much less than you thought. Besides, since glass railings are long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years, saving you time and money.

Increase your property’s value

As mentioned earlier, on top of creating stunning visuals for your home, glass stair railings can increase your property’s dollar value. 


Properties with unique aesthetics create an impression of luxury in real estate, giving you favorable appraisal value once you decide to sell the property. Moreover, houses with outstanding visuals tend to sell easier. And including glass railings into your home can certainly help you get your home sold much faster


Customized Options

Glass stair railings have a variety of options that homeowners can choose from. Not only based on visuals, but according to your budget too. Copper metal frames are an all-time favorite, but they may be expensive. Thus some are given the option to use aluminum, which is a more cost-efficient and wise option for the budget conscious homeowner.



Because glass railings have no posts and openings, it is usually the best choice to keep little children and small pets safe from slipping, climbing, etc. 


So that’s it. Whether you proceed with having glass stair railings installed into your home or not is now in your hands. But let me share a few last words  with you before you leave. Glass stair railings is an investment you surely wouldn’t regret. Aesthetic and cost-efficiency at its finest!


If you’re interested to learn more about glass stair railings, give us a call. We’d love to help you take your home’s beauty to the next level.

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