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Security concerns are paramount to many homeowners and businesses in America these days. Property owners have the responsibility of ensuring that their possessions are safe and secure 24/7. Property owners that have legit bulletproof material are more sure about their protection against burglars, thieves, and many other adversaries. Bulletproof material is also known as transparent armor or ballistic glass. If you are in Pelham, AL or anywhere nearby, Oak Mountain Glass can provide reliable bullet-resistant glass installations for your home or place of business.

The process to manufacture bullet resistant glass:

Manufacturers laminate it with layers of iron-based and poly-carbonate matter. They perform the process under high temperatures in a negative vacuum. The ballistic material is made sturdy, and it will be able to withstand a lot of impacts like bullets and great force much better than regular glass. However, the thickness of the window glass should still enable it to stay transparent with an accurate vision of what’s going on outside. The amount of the material used determines its strength.


How it works:

This type of window glass works by blocking the bullet or impact. When you fire a rifle on it, the force will only hit and penetrate the outside layer. Consequently, this lessens the impact of the bullet and breaks down while it absorbs the energy that it produces. The poly-carbonate material in the window sucks in the force from the impact.

Levels of strength:

Different levels of bulletproof glass are resistant to bullets and impacts. These levels are vital because certain premises face higher hazard intensity than others. Areas like government institutions, education facilities, security areas like police stations and army barracks require higher fortification levels. You can acquire this by increasing the level of thickness to a total of levels 8-10.

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How to test it:

You can test ballistic and impact-resistant materials by an actual bullet fired from a gun within a certain distance. The testers do this in a particular pattern. They place the set ranks of protection according to the ability of the bulletproof glass to block the impact or threat of a particular caliber ballistic round.

Manufacturers measure the protection level by the capability of the ballistic material strength to stop the threat. The speed that it attacks the material is also significant. Researchers have come up with various mathematical ways to carry out this testing efficiently. Consequently, this has assisted a range of companies in designing ballistic materials intended for particular pressures.

Research has indicated that poly-carbonate materials fall short with threats that have regular shapes which approach at a decreased speed. It is as opposed to irregularly shaped threats in the same conditions. Therefore, when an impending impact doesn’t penetrate the material but leaves a dent, then the depth left is measured to determine the level of its protection.

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