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So, you’re thinking about upgrading your shower door to low iron glass. But is it worth it? In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of low iron glass so you can make an informed decision for your bathroom remodel.

What is Low Iron Glass?

Low iron glass is also known as optically clear glass. It has less iron content than regular float glass, which gives it a higher clarity and transparency. Low iron glass is often used in high-end applications where visual clarity is important, such as in aquariums, solar panels, and skylights.

Advantages of Low Iron Glass

There are several advantages to using low iron glass for your shower door. First, low iron glass has a higher clarity than regular float glass, which means it will show less water spots and soap scum build-up. Second, low iron glass is more resistant to green tinting that can occur with regular float glass. Third, low iron glass transmits more light than regular float glass, making it ideal for small bathrooms where you want to maximize natural light. Here’s a few more details on the pros of using glass with less iron:

Increased Clarity and Transparency

One of the biggest advantages of low iron glass is that it’s much clearer than regular glass. This increased clarity can be particularly beneficial in a shower door, as it allows more light to pass through and makes the space feel more open. If you’re considering a frameless shower door, low iron glass is a great option to maximize the feeling of openness in your bathroom.

Enhanced Appearance

In addition to being more clear, low iron glass also has a slightly bluer tint than regular glass. This can give your shower door a more elegant appearance, which may be worth the extra cost if you’re doing an extensive bathroom remodel and want everything to look perfect.

A glass shower wall.

Disadvantages of Low Iron Glass

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to using low iron glass for your shower door. One of the biggest disadvantages is the cost; because low iron glass is more expensive than regular float glass, you’ll need to factor that into your budget for your bathroom remodel. Another disadvantage is that low iron glass can be more difficult to cut and shape than regular float glass; as a result, you may need to hire a professional to install your shower door if you go with this option. Here’s a little more detail on the cons of paying for low iron glass:

More Fragile Than Regular Glass

There is a downside to this increased clarity: low iron glass is more fragile than regular glass. That means it’s more likely to break if something hits it or if it’s handled roughly during installation. If you choose low iron glass for your shower door, be sure to work with an experienced installer who has handled this type of glass before. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the door during installation and having to start over from scratch.

Higher Cost

Of course, all these benefits come at a price; low iron glass typically costs 10-15% more than regular glass. So, you’ll need to decide if the increased clarity, transparency, and enhanced appearance are worth the extra cost.

So, what’s the verdict on this glass type?

Is low iron glass worth it for a shower door? Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget. If you’re looking for a high-end option with superior clarity and transparency, then low iron glass may be the right choice for you. However, if you’re working with a limited budget or don’t mind a little extra maintenance to keep your shower door clean, then regular float glass may be a better option. Whichever route you choose, we hope this blog post has helped you make an informed decision for your bathroom remodel!


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