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Window air conditioners are a great way to cool down a room on hot summer days. However, before installing one in your window or any other space, you should be aware of some of the harmful effects it can have on your home. Mold is often worse in window units than in central AC systems, and there are many other things that could go wrong with this type of cooling system. This blog post will discuss all the do’s and don’ts for installing a window air conditioning unit so that you can enjoy its benefits without worrying about possible problems!

Possible Damage to your Windows, Siding or Foundation

Window units usually allow the condensation to drip into the ground below your window near the home’s exterior. Even a properly functioning unit can cause water damage if there is an issue with your home’s siding. Improperly draining window units can allow condensation to pool in your window sill, causing rot and structural damage. The concern also extends to window unit installation near your foundation. This can allow water to seep into the ground beneath your home and cause damage over time.

Keep in mind that installing a window air conditioner may have some harmful effects, but there are ways around this! If you’re considering installing one of these systems in your home, please read on for more information about how to do so safely by following our tips below.

  • Make sure any windows where units will be installed already function properly before proceeding with AC installation work. Repair or replace any damaged siding or other exterior parts of the house as needed first; otherwise moisture could enter from outside and cause further problems inside the structure. – Use exterior rated silicone sealant to seal off your windows properly. If you need help with this, the team at Oak Mountain Glass is here to assist anywhere in the greater Birmingham area.
  • Check the owners manual that came with your window unit to determine how often you should change out the filter and clean the coils. Filters need to be changed every three months or more often if you live in an area with a lot of pollen, pets, or other allergens. The coils should be cleaned once or twice per year before the heating and cooling season starts up again for maximum efficiency and air quality.
  • Clean your window unit’s exterior regularly as well so it looks nice from the outside too! (Paint will last longer on a clean surface)
  • It is very important that when installing any type of AC system in your home that all safety precautions are followed. Be sure the outlet is on a circuit that’s rated for the amperage your unit will draw.
  • It is also very important to make sure you have a window unit installed properly. The window must be clean and free of obstructions, such as curtains or furniture. Make sure the room has adequate ventilation too – installing an AC system in a small space could lead to problems with extreme humidity levels that can damage your home’s contents or cause issues with condensation.

Disadvantages of window units

Many people think these single-room air conditioners save money, but the reality is that any interior space in Alabama MUST be air conditioned, otherwise you will have issues with mold or mildew that will likely lead to health problems.

So, don’t try to just cool 1-2 rooms of your home as a long-term solution. You need a central unit in our area, otherwise you’ll be wasting money on your power bills running several window units, when a high SEER central AC system will cool your whole home at a fraction of the cost.

Mold and Mildew from Improper Draining Window Units

As we already mentioned, if the drain is clogged on your window unit, there is a chance water may accumulate in the window causing mold to form. The window unit can also leak water onto the carpeting causing it to mold.

It is important for you to know that a central AC system will not have these problems because they are designed with an air-tight seal and come with a drain pan, which collects any condensation or leaking fluids before they reach your flooring.

The bottom line: Window units are great in a pinch or if you have a room that stays hotter than the rest of the house, but they have their drawbacks for sure.

Plus, if one room is hotter than the rest of the house, it can be a sign you need a professional A/C service company to look at your duct work and make sure it’s adequate for the task. Sometimes a larger duct is in order, or you might even need a dampener on one going to a nearby room that’s taking too much of the airflow. Trained HVAC techs can run airflow calculations to determine exactly what work is needed to get your room cooler in the summer.

Keep these tips in mind and you can safely use a window unit to supplement your home cooling until a time when you can upgrade your central AC unit to better handle keeping your interior space cool and comfortable year-round.

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