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Homeowners these days are all about the do it yourself projects! If you want to save a little money and learn to do something new, there’s a tutorial online for just about any home improvement project. That is not to suggest you should not hire professionals to do all the jobs in your home, such as tiling your bathrooms though. It’s hard work and on top of that, it takes a lot of practice and skill to set the tile properly for the right look and durability. If you want to give it a shot and try your hand at tile installation in spite of this, keep reading to learn more.

There are some things for you to consider before you start working on your bathroom walls. The first consideration you must make is whether or not you are addressing only the walls or also the flooring as well. If the tiles on the walls are the main focus, that is good for your budget and will hopefully prevent you from having to repaint the walls every few years. 

The other consideration is how durable the tiles you can purchase are. Many home improvement stores will use lower cost tiles to save a few dollars but in the long run you end up paying more. If the tiles are going to be the focal point, choose a higher quality tile that you can afford. Remember that you want to maximize the budget you have and this means if it is a new home, or being carried through remodeling projects, you will need to buy more tile than a homeowner that is not planning to be there long-term. You’ll want a few extras in case one or more tiles breaks and needs to be replaced later on down the road. Styles change, and you can’t be certain the tile you buy today will be available next year, so stock up on extras.

Creating a Great Looking Custom Bathroom Interior Design

Not only the walls, but matching tiles for the flooring are an important part of creating great looking bathrooms. A great bathroom floor will help hide water stains and worn areas.

You will be able to purchase many great looking mosaic tiles that are both beautiful and priced to fit any budget. These may come in different shapes, styles, and colors and is important to pick a style that fits the overall ambiance of the space.

Pick a tile design that matches or compliments your paint choice and the style of your vanity. If you need help, don’t be afraid to consult with an interior designer for help. They can be a valuable source of insight and inspiration in the planning phases of your project. 

Tiling from Toilet to Sink

One very popular wall tile option is a synthetic tile material that mimics the look of ceramic tiles. Floor tiles that look like ceramic tiles are both durable and are also fairly cheap. It is used to create a more uniform look to the whole bathroom. When buying a bathtub or shower stall, make sure to measure the drain placement and leave an opening in your floor tile installation for the plumbing connections. 

Whenever possible, utilizing crown molding will give the space a higher end look. Wall tiles with various finishes and sizes can be purchased from a number of tile flooring suppliers around Birmingham. There are also a number of elegant handmade patterned tiles designed for the bathroom and the kitchen that you can find online and have shipped.

Shower Stalls and Tiles for the Shower

A decorative, custom shower surround gives a great touch to any bathroom. As in the kitchen, decorative tiles made from various materials can be found in different styles. This is a good opportunity to utilize premium looking trims around the shower area to give it a touch of one-of-a-kind appeal. Shower tiles add the special touch whenever you are looking for an emphasis of professionalism.

Creating a beautiful bathroom that stands out from the rest is never easy. Once constructed though, it is important to maintain the bathroom in the best shape for a long time.  Take care to clean your tiles and be sure they are properly sealed against moisture intrusion, and your new bathroom tiles will last you for a very long time. Take your time to find the right materials and make the decisions on what you like. Find the best tile within your budget to create a luxurious look for all to enjoy for many years to come.

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