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Window decals are easy branding tools for you to purchase and install on your own to make your storefront appear more professional and legitimate. Most store owners apply vinyl decals for storefront glass on their own because it is manageable enough to DIY. However, you do need to take the necessary steps to make sure that your vinyl window decals are applied flawlessly.


Before we get into the hands-on instructions though, it’s important to purchase a high-quality decal that’s made of the right material. For short seasonal promotions and signage, it might be best to purchase interior window clings that won’t be difficult to remove when needed. If you’re installing more permanent signage, it’s best to invest in an exterior decal like these available from Label Llama. It’s important that the material be rated for outdoor use and that it’s a high-quality vinyl product. Once you have your sign or wrap printed out it’s time to get busy installing it.

business storefront with brand logo decal

Clean the surface


Whenever you are applying anything on your windows, especially if they are adhesives, you need to make sure that that surface is clean. Any impurities on your window can completely ruin the finished product. Dirt and oil on the surface can make your window decals bubble or not stick well enough for a long period. To clean, simply use a commercial window cleaning solution and squeegee your way to perfection. You’ll want to wait until the window surface is completely dry before proceeding with the next steps. This should prevent any cleaner residue from breaking up your adhesive, since it may contain alcohol or ammonia. Water alone won’t remove the adhesive though, and it can help you position your stickers perfectly once your window is clean and spotless.

Use application fluid


The best and easiest way to apply vinyl decals for storefront glass is through the wet method. This way, if you make a mistake with the positioning, it’s easier to adjust the decal. Simply spray a generous amount of application fluid on your window before positioning your window decals. To make this application fluid, you just need a drop or two of dish soap on a 750ml sprayer. Mix this with room temperature water. Be careful not to add too much soap. Two drops in 1 liter of water are more than enough.


Position and Tape


No matter how steady your hands are, there will always be a possibility that you will accidentally apply the window decals in the wrong position. To be sure that you are applying it in the right place, use tape. With the liner still on the sticker, tack the decals in the right position. You can use magic tape if you do not want to leave any adhesive residue on the frame of your windows. Before doing this, though, make sure that your surface area is free from dust and it has been applied generously with the application fluid.


Remove the Liner


Once you have positioned your sticker, you can start applying the sticker. Slowly remove the liner, letting the vinyl window decals adhere naturally to the wet surface. If you see small bubbles, don’t panic. You can still squeegee this out. Do the application very slowly and carefully though so you can minimize the air pockets on your vinyl decals for storefront glass.


Apply from the Top Going Down


The correct method of application is from the top going downwards. If you can, remove the lining gently from the top going downwards in a level manner. Gently press the sticker on the surface if needed but do not apply too much pressure just yet.


Squeegee outward


Once the lining is completely removed, you can start using the squeegee to remove any air pockets under the sticker. Move from the center going outwards. This way, you won’t drag the window decals out of positions. Be sure to do this gently so you won’t tear the decals.


Remove the Tape


Once you’re happy with the bubble removal, you can then remove the tapes and polish the frame if needed. If you are applying massive vinyl decals for commercial storefront glass, you might want to ask the assistance of another person so you can apply the sticker evenly.