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So, you’re thinking about buying curtains for a new house or you want to replace your old ones. But whatever the situation is, it all comes down to this: What do you want to do? Options for window treatments is a little like choosing from a pallet of different colors. How much light do you want in? How much light do you want to keep out? What are the best materials for this? Are there other options aside from curtains and drapes? You may also consider functionality as well, but more often than not they are designed with both functionality and beauty, giving you the best of both worlds.

Some window treatments are designed with energy efficiency in mind that can potentially save on heating and cooling costs. Insulated curtains and drapes can do both functions of keeping a room warm, as well as keeping it cool once the weather warms up.

When it comes to window treatments, there are various options that cater to different types of light control. Among these options, curtains and drapes both serve this purpose effectively. However, if you prefer minimal light penetration, it is recommended to consider using “blackout” material specifically engineered for this purpose. Certain brands offer blackout drapes or curtains featuring a triple-weave fabric that significantly reduces outside light. Not only are they ideal for individuals who need to sleep during the day, but they are also beneficial in blocking out streetlights or other external light sources. Additionally, aside from their light-controlling properties, blackout drapes and curtains also provide excellent insulation, making them a practical choice for colder weather conditions.

For those who don’t want this much blockage or want more versatility in controlling the amount of light, they can go with a type that can still darken a room but isn’t blackout. Blinds are a good choice for this. Types of blinds include cellular shades, rollers, shutters and venetians. Blinds can be good for reducing heat and might save you in costs for cooling your house. You can also go for light-filtering shades that allow some light in but keeps UV rays out.

But if you want to have more light in the house, you can always go for sheer curtains as they are cut and woven for that purpose. These provide a similar kind of light-filtering as blinds do, but they may be more pleasing to the eye to some people. Sheer curtains and drapes are a nice idea for those with more of a decorative purpose in mind.

If you want to do something a little different, however, you can shake things up with window film. Window film may end up being more limited than drapes and curtains, but as a decorative feature, they’re still an interesting choice. But aside from being an artistic or decorative feature, they also allow for light control as well, but you won’t be able to direct the amount of light as they are laid out on window panes similar to laying out wallpaper. Film often comes in patterns, often floral and nature-themed, but there’s a whole host of options out there. Sizes vary and can fit any size ranging from small to relatively large.

Most home and garden retail stores will carry these, so it shouldn’t be daunting to find whether you’re going for curtains, drapes, blinds or film. It may be overwhelming with the number of options that are available but take the time and carefully consider what you want to do. The house is like a canvas and the window is one of the parts of your pallet in which to transform your home into the one you truly want.

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to install the window film. Most of these come with instructions so be sure to follow them carefully as improper installation could result in damage or the window film coming off prematurely. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few attempts but take your time and do it right. You may also hire a professional for installation if you need assistance.

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