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All About Mirror Repair


Mirrors reflect light back at us and have many uses from the mundane to the amazing. We use mirrors to gaze at distant galaxies, or just to see around the corner in a busy parking deck.

In our homes they come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste in decor. They range in look from elegant antique

elegant antique mirror


To modern and chic:

modern mirror

But what do you do when your mirror gets damaged? No matter if it’s from a fall caused by vibrations during some sort of roof install or simply old age, damage to your decorative mirror doesn’t automatically necessitate a trip to your local Target to redecorate. Mirrors, especially antique ones, are often worth restoring to their former glory.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at some different problems you might run into with your mirrors and the different repair options available to homeowners.

Mirror Scratches (and how to repair them)

If you have a scratch on the surface of your mirror, be glad that the reflective coating on the back isn’t damaged. The surface glass can often be restored with little effort if it is only a minor scratch. In fact, you may be able to DIY this repair by simply applying toothpaste or a slightly harsher abrasive like jewelry polish to the surface of the glass.

mirror stain

You could also use this method on cloudy mirrors to restore some of the original shine. However, if the scratch is deep or the haze won’t wipe off, it may be time to see the help of a local glass and mirror shop. If you’re in or near Pelham, give us a call.

Dark Spots – Causes and Solutions

If the surface glass is okay but you’re noticing dark spots where there is no reflection, it is most likely that the reflective surface on the back side has been damaged. This could simply be caused by age and humidity, or it could also be a result of someone using the wrong cleaning products.

Cleaners with a high level of ammonia are okay for the surface glass, but they should never be allowed to come into contact with the backing of a mirror. Take extra care to dry thoroughly, especially around the edges so that cleaner does not sit on the reflective layer. It’s also advised to wear gloves when handling antique mirrors as the salts from our sweat can damage the coating. If you are already noticing dark spots around the edges, it’s time to consider either a quick DIY solution or having someone properly re-silver your wall art.

Re-Silvering Old Mirrors

Put simply, silvering is the process of chemically coating a piece of glass with a reflective coating. It can be done to create a mirror or to produce decorative items like these below:

the process of silvering

As we mentioned earlier though, the silver coating can be damaged by moisture and certain chemicals. In those cases, it’s best to reach out to a local glass and mirror shop to have a professional reapply the reflective coating.

Cracked Mirror Repair

Minor chips can often be repaired using a simple resin and stabilizer to reattach the chipped piece. However, any time you have a crack in a mirror, you should consider it a safety issue and have someone properly repair or replace the glass. Cracked glass will eventually break, and you don’t want someone you care about to be nearby when that happens. We can often repair some cracks in our shop, but it is often necessary to remove the glass and replace it with an exact match. Fortunately, we’re able to cut a piece to fit almost any enclosure and get your mirror looking good as new.


Mirror, Mirror Get Back On The Wall!

Many of us have heirlooms that were handed down from parents and grandparents. When they get damaged, it’s easy to despair and think about discarding them as broke beyond repair. That’s simply not the case though because an experienced glass repair technician can work wonders to restore almost any antique mirror. Carefully bring your broken mirror to the experts at Oak Mountain Glass and we’ll make it like new again.


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